Winnie’s Soul & Jazz Restaurant

 We're Jazzing Up Jozi & Serving Up Soul


Winnie’s is a place where discerning music lovers come to listen and accomplished musicians love to play, a place where a distinguished drink and fine food is always on the cards, and every occasion is a special one.

Our chef and his team infuse soul into every morsel and meal they prepare, serving up seasonal, locally sourced, flavourful food that hits all the right notes. Our menu is possibly the only area we don’t jazz up because, quite frankly, it speaks for itself…


Winnie’s Soul & Jazz Restaurant has always been, and continues to be, about the music.

We expanded our repertoire in April 2014, accomplishing what we have always strived to create – a popular, upmarket, respected restaurant with the best in local talent always on the menu.

Inspired by the velvet voices and soulful sounds that grace this premiere venue’s stage, every aspect of the Winnie’s Soul & Jazz Restaurant is underpinned by attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity. We pride ourselves on patrons popping in for a quick drink and staying ‘till closing, on watching newcomers become regulars and on providing warm, engaging service at every opportunity.

Our stage is designed for exceptional acoustics and easy listening. Our space is intimate, our décor sumptuous and our menu accomplished. We’ve captured the ambience of the world’s most renowned jazz venues to bring you an experience that is, literally, music to your ears.

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